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Welcome to the Bradford Magic Circle

Dear visitor,

I hope that you enjoy visiting and navigating around our website.

My name is Stephen Bellerby although most know me as Stevie B. I joined Bradford Magic Circle on October 7th 1988, a month after the society had celebrated its 40th anniversary.

For it’s 50th anniversary, it enjoyed a day of celebration with a one-day Convention and the 60th anniversary was celebrated with an exhibition at Bradford Industrial Museum, marking the occasion along with recognising a century of magic in Bradford.
This year, Bradford Magic Circle is celebrating its 70th anniversary (my being personally honoured to be the Circle’s President in this celebratory year) and as part of the celebration, we will enjoy another one-day convention at Bingley Arts centre, culminating with the Hey Presto Show to draw a fun day to a wonderful close.

The Hey Presto Shows have been presented to family audiences year on year for over forty years and from Bingley Arts Centre since 1990. It has never been cancelled, although was postponed in 1996 owing to heavy, sudden snowfall.

As you enjoy looking around this website, you may stumble across some photos from these shows, as well as visiting our diary of events and our information pages.

Anyway, enough from me, please enjoy visiting the website of Bradford Magic Circle.

BMC President 2018/2019